Maybe Like This

Exhibition at Wave Hill's Sunroom Project Space as part of the Van Lier Fellowship
Bronx, New York, September 15 - October 25, 2015

Stuffed collages made of photos printed on fabric, digital prints on vinyl, and custom made vinyl bags filled with fabric prints, soil, and personal objects

Documentation by Stefan Hagen and Julian Chams

Curatorial Text

Working in the space between the personal and the systematic, Julian Chams creates assemblages of imagery that include both natural and manmade elements. The artist captures the sensory data of daily life through a constant photographic habit. These commonplace images gain novel meaning as they are recombined into seductive sculptural forms. As a Van Lier Visual Artist Fellow, Chams has drawn inspiration from Wave Hill’s environs into his practice, responding to its architecture and landscape.

Chams’s Sunroom Project, titled Maybe Like This, transforms the gallery into a captivating and refracted environment, which the artist describes as “a kind of personal fortress, a self-contained system of heterogeneous elements taken from my surroundings.” The installation includes soft sculptures made of cloth printed with sharp-focused photographs taken in New York, Kansas City, his native Colombia and the United Kingdom. Hanging next to and in front of the Sunroom’s windows and on the walls, these printed images veil and reveal each other, while both obscuring and interacting with the views of Wave Hill’s natural landscape outside. Through this process of rearranging and combining images from places nearby and remote, recent and past, Chams attempts to make sense of this abundant visual information, to make it more comprehensible and at the same time awe-inspiring. Ultimately, this compilation of moments caught on camera shows the interconnectedness of humans and their surroundings.

- Gabriel de Guzman, Curator, Wave Hill

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