You Are Me Too

Splatterpool, Brooklyn, New York, November - December 2013
Found objects, videos, and digital prints on fabric, vinyl and archival paper

Documentation by Andrija Petrovic and Julian Chams

Press Release

The human mind is a beautifully complex structure continuously composed and revised through the collection of experiences. From within these entangled memories of life’s narrative, one can begin to pick apart and organize events, people, places and objects in order to create a comprehensible mental picture of the self that can be examined internally and selectively presented to others externally.

Julian Chams is currently exploring methods of extracting, recombining and reinterpreting memories from his own past. Through this process he achieves a gradual modulation of factual chronicles into what he calls “hybrid of histories.” The resulting works are peeks into a mental filing cabinet where we find curious semiautobiographical collages of the commonplace that tell us something otherwise inexpressible about the artist and somehow, simultaneously, something indescribable about ourselves.

The current installation seeks to invoke an unseen presence by guiding the viewer through an encounter at once intimate and uncanny. Used objects charged with personal meaning, photography and video are culled from different chapters in a story. Matter that would usually be discarded (containers for blades become containers for bodily fluids) is combined with portions of the experienced world seen through the eyes of a lens. The appropriation, rearrangement, and flattening of different places and times refers to the synthesis of memory. Photos of an old home, now deserted, become wallpaper; a disembodied mouth and anus are suspended in space; oversized silk-printed medical prescriptions confront the body on its own scale. Taken in all at once, we begin to understand how tentative are the lines between truths and lies within this brief and fragile state of consciousness.

- Kelly Armendariz, Director, Splatterpool